Monday, 14 December 2009

Rude Reader

Please excuse me while I take a step back from the purpose of this blog to address a fan of mine. The first draft of this post was........graphic at best........but I'm all calm now.

I recently received an extremely rude e-mail from someone regarding this blog post about vampire mythology. I quoted from Alex Epstein and basically agreed with him. Clearly the writer of said e-mail didn't take kindly to what I said about 'Twilight':

I made my feelings known about 'Twilight' in this little rant.
What's scary about a guy who sparkles in the sun? Absolutely nothing! Similarly, take a look at this trailer for 'Twilight: New Moon'. In a rather tense moment, some dude changes into a wolf to save the girl *insert feminism rant here*
Here, I was merely commenting on what Epstein had said about whether a vampire who can go out in sunlight is indeed a vampire.

Anyway, I got this message on the same day Laurence posted about a rude reader of his own blog. I'm not going to give out the e-mail (as much as I'd like to), but it comes from a chap named Dave. Note: I'm not one for censoring posts so be warned - strong language ahead. This is what the e-mail said:
"i just read your web site and your a fuckin knob head!!!!!!!! you dish twilight and i dish you. twilight is the best fuckin things on the planet and yours isnt!!!!! edward is a fuckin fuck awesome!!!!! you like that stupid thign about that fuckin cunt vampireslayer and shes a fuckin hore!!!!!!!!! you cant make films as good as fuckin twilight you fucking cunt twat!!!!!!!! if you fuck wiht twilight again im going to fuckin fight you cock!!!!!! so do it again i fuckin dare you fuckin coward!!!!!!! il fight you now!!!!!!"

As you can see, a very in-depth argument about why I should leave 'Twilight' alone. I particularly love the mention that 'Twilight' is better than any film I have made. I agree - I've never made a film!

I am slightly concerned that someone can become that angry about something; angry enough to find my contacts page and e-mail me about it. But not half as concerned as I am about this line:
"if you fuck wiht twilight again im going to fuckin fight you cock!!!!!!"
Now does that Dave will fight my.....erm.......yeah.......

I accept that I voice my opinions and that people might not agree with them. But that's all they are - my opinions! This is my blog after all. I strongly invite anyone to debate what's said on here, but what I don't encourage is what you've just read from Dave.

So, Dave - if you're out there, reading this argumentative opinionated blog with a small following, thank you for reading, but please don't contact me again. I haven't replied to your previous message and I won't reply to any future ones.

Oh and I can't resist - I do believe Dave threw down the gauntlet, saying he would fight me if I "fuck with twilight" again. So on that note, I-DON'T-LIKE -- wait! Maybe I'll just let this video say it.......

That's all folks!


Anonymous said...

This looks like a job for Badger - The Martial Arts Cowboy.

Neil said...

Indeed! I was tempted to throw on a cowboy hat, grab a bo staff and go hunting!