Friday, 19 March 2010

The wonderment of children

A quick post today just to tell a little story:

In my repetitive mundane soul-destroying joyous, wonderful, enlightening job as a chocolate-seller, I encounter loads of children. A lot of them are rude and some of them just stare at you as though you suddenly resemble Jar Jar Binks! But some are extremely polite and others have brilliantly curious minds.

On Sunday, I was serving a customer, when a small boy of about three years wandered behind the till to join me.

"Hello....." I said, looking around for any signs of the small creature's owners. "What are you doing behind here?"

"Adventuring!" replied the little boy, staring up at me with excited eyes.

"Oh....ok." I looked around again, but still no sign of any parents. "What are you adventuring for?"


"Dragons?! Really?" The boy nodded happily. "Hmmm.....well I haven't seen any today, but if I were you I'd go take a look over there. Worth a look!"

The boy sighed contently and toddled off to the other side of the shop where his parents finally arrived.

Yeah, so kids are funny things. A boy of three adventuring for dragons! I like to think he'll grow up to become a fine writer of fantasy novels. You never know!

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