Friday, 30 April 2010

Coming up on Monday...

On Monday, I'm putting a blog post out on act-outs. A snippet:
For those who don't know, an "act-out" or "act-break" is simply that moment before the adverts in an episode of television. It has to make you want to keep watching while all those shiny products are advertised. Writers of TV are aware of the adverts and consequently adapt their writing to the time constraints. So they're very important.
I'll be going through almost all of my TV DVDs and making notes of the act-outs to see how they work etc. Monday will see Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 3; Buffy is a great example to use because the supernatural/action genre has textbook act-outs to learn from - very useful! It's extremely easy for me now because I've watched all of Buffy, Angel and Firefly about 10 times over!

Then on Wednesday, I'll do a quick analysis of how they work and why. Then it's on to Buffy season 4 and Angel season 1 (when I've finished my latest viewing)

Watch this space!

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