Monday, 3 January 2011

Peer award-winning!

The lovely Miss Manda over at Memoirs of a Word Nerd has gone and awarded me this beast:

This is awarded to folk who tell the truth, so I now feel like a character from a George Orwell novel. I'm very proud of my no-bullshit approach to blogging. What's the point otherwise? So uber-thanks to Manda for the award - it proves that at least one person is reading his. Howdy!!!

I'm now supposed to brag about getting it - check. Then I'm supposed to write some random facts (Manda has done 5, so naturally I upstage her by doing 6. Ha!) and pass the award on to other bloggers. So here we go:

1) Get me drunk, give me an acoustic guitar, and I'll make a royal arse of myself with sloppy Pearl Jam riffs and vocals like Bob Dylan on razor blades. I'll mercilessly sing Black at the top of my lungs and it will sound awful! This happened on New Year's Eve. And in the right hands, an acoustic guitar is a poweful love-weapon (not like that!). My hands are not the right hands.

2) Jack Daniel's is both my best friend and my worst enemy. If it were a woman, we would shag and fight.

3) I have a thing for ladies who play acoustic guitars and for ladies with Australian accents. So if there's an Australian woman out there who rocks out on the ol' acoustic, you know where I am....

4) I once got floored after I was hit in the face by a perfectly-executed spinning back-kick from this dude (the fella with black hair) from Strike (Britain's Got Talent). It hurt. A lot. NB: he wasn't so angry at shirts at the time. I don't know what went wrong. On the plus side, I now know his weakness. Muahaha!!!

5) I am in love with Kaylee from Firefly. There is no denying this. It is probably the only way you'll ever get me in the engine room of anything remotely mechanical.

6) I am a vigilante, Black Ops, warlock-Viking and space cowboy, slaying dragons in a post-apocalyptic world. I am best friends with a giant flying talking tiger called Ragnar. We voyage the nine worlds in search of epic battles and thrilling heroics. We always return home in time for tea.

Factual note: one of the above 'facts' is, in fact, false. In fact, I can actually play guitar reasonably well.

So now I nominate some other peoples who deserve the no-bullshit award (by which it will known forthwith):

Michelle Goode over at Confessions of a Screenwriter

John Hunter at Nigh Journal

Kid in the Front Row (you can work out where he is)

Honourary mention - Manda herself, who always writes entertaining and honest posts, including what life would be like if that sparkly "vampire" bloke (I use to term "bloke" loosely!) were her boyfriend.

Over and out, campers.



Dawn said...

Very good post, and glad you are honest. :)

The Kid In The Front Row said...

wow, thanks! Really appreciate this! :D -- and I love her version of Dancing In The Dark. You should check out the Tegan & Sara version too.


Neil said...

You're very welcome. And a happy New Year to y'all too.

Tegan and Sara - great version! A song that really lends itself to different versions and interpretations.