Monday, 24 November 2008

Current Projects

Hi readers. I thought I'd run through a few of my projects and ask your opinions on which you like the look of.

"A tale of oppression, revenge and survival...that just happens to be set in the future, with vampires."

This is a feature length screenplay set in futuristic London, where vampires are known to the world. We follow the story of Romen after his home is destroyed by a human mob. He is chased by a human General and must find way to live his life despite the persecution from the human world. It is currently in it's first draft.

Rain (working title)

This is a TV show I'm creating about a young man with special abilities, that roams a futuristic world, hunting the forces of darkness.

Verona (working title)

A feature length film about the crew of a spaceship who are captured by a Medical Cruiser that soon becomes the home for a race of savage aliens. Can they escape with their lives? I am currently writing the first draft.

Cage Fight (working title)

A short screenplay telling the story of an unusual man who is forced to fight in a cage.

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Richard J Moir said...

I'm very interested in Cage Fight. Keep me posted on that one :)