Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Hi folks. I recently managed to catch the first episode of Legend of the Seeker; a new TV show. It's really good in my opinion. It's got some good action and a great storyline. Anyone who likes fantasy stories should definitely check it out.

Anyway, that got me in the mood for writing a screenplay I planned a few months ago. I had a character and basic plot. Last night I managed to break down everything that would happen in the film and flesh out characters. And today, I managed to write a fair amount of it. Probably about half, but my first drafts always fall short of the full feature length. A good effort though, I think.

So that just goes to show that sometimes, by watching something even remotely similar to what you want to write, you can really get the ball rolling. Does this mean that if you want to write a love scene you should watch some porn first? I'm not sure!

Stay shiny people,

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