Friday, 13 February 2009

Web shows

I came up with the idea of creating a web show the other day. It was after I'd watched the latest episode of Felicia Day's shiny comedy THE GUILD, that can be watched online here.

I love the idea of a web drama, because it seems there are no rules. Because it's only been about for a few years, there are no restrictions like there are on TV. No topic is off limits. This will change soon I'm sure so I'm trying to get in now.

The biggest problem with web shows seems to be the episode length. I like the idea of writing loads of 3 - 10 minute episodes, but it means you need to keep the viewer interested. You need to have an act-out every few minutes or so.

I got in touch with fellow writer Michelle and we're brain-storming some ideas. So far we have one that is standing out, but who knows? I'm sure that between us, we can hammer out something half decent.

Does anyone else know about web dramas and how to get them made?

Wish us luck!

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