Sunday, 1 February 2009

Writing Interviews

This is my back-catalogue of writing interviews. Most are with writers, but there are also some directors, actors and producers in the mix too. All contain some useful information about writing. Enjoy.....

  • Joss Whedon ('Buffy the Vampire Slayer') on serial television, character development, writing methods. Watch interview here.
  • Don Roos ('Marley & Me') on his unique writing method, which includes just an hour of work a day. Watch interview here.
  • David Goyer ('Blade', 'Batman Begins') on story development, film school and being approached for work. Watch interview here.
  • John August ('Big Fish', 'Go') on breaking story conventions, character development and rewrites. Watch interview here.
  • Thomas Lennon & Robert Ben Garant ('Night at the Museum') on the collaborative process, character voice and comedy writing. Watch interview here.
  • Darren Aronofsky ('Requiem for a Dream', 'The Wrestler') on thinking of directors, actors etc when writing. Watch interview here.
  • Neil Marshall ('Dog Soldiers', 'The Descent') on the blending of genres and the practicality of on-location shooting. Watch interview here.
  • Paul Haggis ('Crash', 'Million Dollar Baby') on the fear of failing, inspiration and the difficulty of the 'next scene'. Watch interview here.
  • Blake Snyder (Save the Cat) on character progression and genre. Watch interview here.
  • Robert McKee (Story) on the importance of setting and the limitations of the worlds you create. Watch interview here.
  • Callie Khouri ('Thelma & Louise') on writing for demand, working from experience and what a good writer can do. Watch interview here.
  • Sheldon Turner ('The Longest Yard') on procrastination, alone time and the importance of theme. Also on why people who write good outlines write bad scripts! Watch interview here.
  • Ed Solomon ('Men In Black') on confidence, scene description and how to influence direction. Watch interview here.
  • Jim Uhls ('Fight Club') on outlines, character voices, adaptations and voiceover. Watch interview here.
  • Shauna Cross ('Whip It') on action vs emotion, the film business and it's importance, as well as tips for aspiring writers. Watch interview here.
  • Ed Burns ('The Wire') on 'Generation Kill', the number of characters, and war conflict. Watch interview here.
  • Michael Halperin ('Star Trek: TNG') on the importance of the second act and character development. Watch interview here.

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