Wednesday, 7 October 2009

'Generation Kill'

For those who don't know, 'Generation Kill' is a TV show from Ed Burns, based on Evan Wright's documentary book. It tells the story of a journalist who accompanies a squad of Marines into Iraq.

Ed Burns also created 'The Wire'. I watched the first three episodes of 'The Wire' when it aired on BBC 2. People said it was the greatest TV show ever made. I didn't think so. One of the biggest complaints about it was that it was impossible to understand. The lingo etc made it very hard to follow for some people. That wasn't really the case for me - I understood most of the talk, but the characters never really engaged me.

I've seen a few clips from 'Generation Kill' and it looks a lot better. I've been anxious to see if for months now and the day is finally here. Tonight, 'Generation Kill' airs on C4 straight after 'True Blood'.

I'm shocked and pissed off that I've not seen a single advert for it. had I not noticed it in the TV guide, I'd have missed what could be a very powerful show! Why would C4 spend so much money buying a HBO series, only to do it injustice?

Here is an interview with novelist Evan Wright about his experience in Iraq.

Anyway, it airs tonight at 23:20, channel 4.

Friday's interview is with creator Ed Burns and is very insightful. Watch this space and let me know what you think of 'Generation Kill'.

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Jessica said...

Oooo, I saw this advertised a few weeks ago! But only that one time - it could have been when Ugly Betty was on, so not the greatest time.

I have never seen the Wire - but will try and have a watch of Generation Kill.