Saturday, 6 December 2008

Difficult dilemma

Howdy folks. I've spent the last 5 days not writing. This is because I've come to a little problem in my pilot script. I need my characters to obtain the address of a university student. They are going to do this by going to the receptionist at the uni and asking. Obviously he/she won't give it out just like that.

See, I've spent ages thinking just how can they get this information??? I was initially going to have one of my characters turn on the charm and persuade the nice female receptionist to hand over the details. Oh my God!!!! Sexist-much? "Oh, yes I am a woman and therefore with the promise of one drink, I'll run the risk of losing my job just to accommodate your plot!"

So needless to say, that will not be happening now. I was also tempted to not show that scene. They go there, then come out with the info. The audience is left wondering how. That's a gamble; one I'm not prepared to take!

Now it's only just hit me (yes, as I was writing that last sentence) that they could bribe the receptionist. Everyone needs money right? Can't believe I didn't think of that before. And now I think that will happen. In fact, they will need to bribe her with the money they earned on their last job, adding to the whole theme of the show!

I was going to ask you if you had any suggestions, but it's fixed now, so never mind. Thank you very much reader, for seeing this extremely pointless blog post, but it's helped me!!! Mwa haha, the script goes on, as they say. Shame it's taken me nearly a week to work out that money is the answer to everything.

And while I'm here, I'd like to hint at a future message I'll be posting about the feature film I co-wrote - Michael's Resignation. A lot has happened and I'll be talking about that in the next few days. Watch this space!

Cheers, shiny readers (thanks for helping me with my pilot dilemma),


Lila said...

"Shame it's taken me nearly a week to work out that money is the answer to everything."

I would have told you that for a few quid =P

Michelle Goode said...

Hey, glad you sorted the dilema out! I had a few ideas as I was reading this post (you know me, bursting with the darned things!) but alas you didn't need me this time!

Just wanted to congratulate you on the bloggage. You're doing a great job and you're sounding more and more like a pro as time goes by. Ok, well, maybe not a pro, but you know, one of those experienced amateurs... Keep it up! And, err... Keep "shiny"... THERE! I said it! ha ha ;)

Neil said...

Thanks Michelle! The blogging is pretty fun and as this post proved, it helps with the writing! Hmmm I think I may start referring to myself as an experienced amateur - has a nice ring to it. I'll have to start keeping an eye on your blog now!

"shiny" is just a little nod to any Browncoats out there (Browncoats being the fans of Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity. Some of the best writing out there!)