Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Thrilling thrillers

I know I don't have many readers, but six kind people voted on their favourite film genre. And it seems that 'Thriller' takes the lead, stealing half of the votes. It's my fault in part, because 'thriller' is a huge, broad genre to choose.

It encompasses so many features - action, mystery, horror and even comedy. Whereas something like comedy generally doesn't feature much horror and sci-fi films aren't know for their mystery.

So thanks to those who voted on the poll and I now have a new one - what is your favourite of my top underrated films (that I blogged about last week)? This assumes you've seen them of course, but if you haven't I can't urge you to enough!
You can vote at the right hand side of this blog. Please do!

Happy voting and writing folks,


Michelle Goode said...

It is a bit broad, but it can work like that. I personally like all thrillers - mysteries, action, horror, but especially psycological thrillers!

I, ashamedly, haven't seen any of those films you talked about... It's terrible, because I love films but just haven't seen that many in the course of my life so far. I'm catching up on all the TV shows these days, but films... I need some serious movie nights! God I love being a screenwriter. We get to watch as much TV and Film as we can manage for the sake of research! Wohoo!

Neil said...

They're definately worth catching. RE psychological thrillers, you HAVE to watch Seraphim Falls. It's both action-driven, but with a great psychological struggle. I guarentee you'll love it.

Hostage dives into the psychology of the bad guys as well as the protagonist, so that's worth a look too. And you can't go wrong with a Bruce Willis thriller. They're the 2 i'd recommmed anyway!