Thursday, 18 December 2008

Kids film in the making

I decided to start writing a kids' film the other day. I have the first scene, some characters ideas and a very basic plot that will change like mad before it's concrete.

I have my good writer friend Michelle Goode to thank for this endeavour. We were talking the other day (on facebook) about the lack of good children's TV shows out there and that inspired me. It's about time we got some decent stuff out there for the young folk. I'm talking about the likes of the (original) Power Rangers, Thunder Cats or - my one of my favourite kids shows - Biker Mice from Mars. Those were the good days!

I'm currently reading Philip Pullman's 'Northern Lights' (yes, the one that was made into The Golden Compass). It's in readiness for next semester at uni, where I'll be studying children's language and literature. Hopefully that will give me some useful information when it comes to writing for that age group.

So watch this space people. I intend to (at some point) write a kids' film and killer TV show that appeals to all ages!

Shiny times,


Michelle Goode said...


And, in turn, you inspired me. After reading through your first scene and giving you some feedback, I decided to organise my suitcase ready for returning to the UK. I found, quite out of the blue, a coin-like pendant charm with a pentagram on it and a lot of arabic-looking writing. Ant found it once in London and kept it for years in his wallet. After getting in the mood for the fantasy action thriller-type genre you were writing, I had sudden visions of a kids/teen movie involving a young girl who becomes embroiled in a mystery involving the pendant charm and the people out to get it back...

I'm looking forward to reading more of this project, Neil. I hope you'll allow me to script-read it for you and give you my "professional" feedback once you get into it!

Neil said...

Brilliant! Sounds like an idea with great potential. So simple, yet there's so much you could do with it!

Could it maybe have 2 kids who have to keep it safe? I like the idea that the kid just FINDS it. Maybe there's some connection with her family to the pendant??? Like i said - alot you can do with it!

Don't worry, you'll be one of the first to read my idea and script when it's done :D