Thursday, 30 April 2009


The other day, I posted part 2 of my top 100 movies to see before you die. In there, I talked about HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS. My words couldn't do it justice. Even if martial arts movies aren't your thing, or you usually shy away from reading subtitles on foreign films, I can't urge you enough to watch this film. Here's an amazing video that I found on youtube, put together by amy1bm from Barnsley. It features various clips put to the brilliant musical score from the film:


Désirée said...

I think House of Flying Daggers had a very weak story. It has beautiful images, but that's about it.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon had a strong story but far less splendid photo.

Hero is the best of the three. Strong story and magificent images.

Neil said...

I'll agree with you there. DAGGERS doesn't have the most original story however, the way it's executed it brilliant. Thr visual of the movie is clearly the primary appeal (with the mrtial arts) but I think the package as a whole is very powerful.

I didn't put CROUCHING in that list simply because while I like to story, that's where I draw the line with martial arts - far too unrealistic for my tastes. However, it did open up that form of action to Western cinema, which is always good as it gave us so many other films like it.

And yes, Hero is a magnificent film - story and visuals are top notch!