Sunday, 19 April 2009

Write alone - poll result & new survey

Last month, I asked people whether they prefer to write alone or with a partner. You can check out my thoughts on this here. The results are in.

66% of people would rather work with a writing partner and 33% prefer alone time. As I said in my blog about it, writing with someone else is a lot of fun and the encouragement is also a plus. But the main bonus that comes with solo writing is that it's your idea and it stays your idea. It also means that you get full credits assuming you sell the script. Full credits = full money. Shared credits = shared money. However, it's no good writing a particular piece alone if you don't make it all it can be. There are some ideas I'd never attempt alone so I'd rather share credit than not get it made.

New question:
Do you work from a treatment?
- Always
- Never

- Sometimes

- I don't know what one is
If you want to elaborate, feel free to do so in the comments section of this post. And while we're here, this is a shiny thing I found while searching for a pic to go with this post. Take a looky:

UPDATE: Someone has answered the poll question saying they don't know what a treatment is, so if there's call for it, I'll do a blog post this week all about treatments - what they are, why you need them, what production companies want with them etc.


Sofluid said...

I put sometimes, but it's going to eventually turn into an "always". I never used to plan before I wrote. Now I have learned how to, and how important and beneficial it is, I am aiming to do so consistently from now on :)

Neil said...

I've only just started using one really. There are some major advantages but sometimes it's still fun to just go with the flow when you're writing.