Thursday, 9 July 2009

It's Thursday

Yes, it's Thursday 9th July, which means today I find out my results for year 2 (if they ever put them online!) and tomorrow, we all find out if we've made it into the second round of the CBBC comp. Little nugget of depressing info - CBBC had over 700 submissions and about 20 go through. That means less that 3% of us. So if you're part of that 3% tomorrow, give yourself a mighty pat on the back!

There's no particular reason for this post, other than to update on news etc. I'm spending this week writing part of a script called IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE. I'm co-writing with a writer/director. We have hardly any story at this point, but that's what we're working on. I'm also working out the opening scenes, because that always helps me with the script in general.

On Tuesday, I received a message from someone asking me if I'd like to write a script based on a true story. It would be about the Most Wanted Woman in Britain - at some point (around '99) she was Public Enemy No.1. Anyway, I did my research and decided against the idea, because it seemed above me - I didn't know the world and I thought it too difficult at this stage. Interestingly, the guy asking me was in fact the Woman's boyfriend; a convicted drug smuggler. I was fairly alarmed by this but at least my name's getting out there!

In other news, Michelle and I have decided to launch a full-scale attack on CHAOS LOST - the idea we came up with last year. With the intention of sending it into competitions and using it as a calling card, we're starting ASAP.

We have various ideas to throw around and see what sticks. It won't be easy though and will probably give us massive headaches! The subject matter alone is confusing - it deals with determinism, fate and free will. The trick is to tell the story, revealing just the right amount of info at exactly the right time. Looking forward to the challenge. Step one is to work out what ideas will stick and to work out a decent synopsis/breakdown of the story.

UPDATE: Got a 2:1 for year two. Hoping for the same next year....


Sofluid said...

Bring it oooon :)

Jessica said...

I wonder how the smuggler got your name?

Well done with your grades :)