Tuesday, 21 July 2009

New York New York

So tomorrow, I'm off to New York City. I've been waiting a while for this holiday and while it'll be nice to get away for a week, see the wonderful New York-y things and laugh at Americans who don't realise where we're from, I'll also miss the writing. A whole week without any writing for seven days! I'm sure most of you can relate.

But naturally, I'm taking a camera (to snap at interesting buildings, people etc), a video camera (to record the exciting voyage) and a nice note pad (to jot down every slither of an idea that pops into my head). I wouldn't be surprised if I come home with about 20 ideas for New York-based films and TV shows.

No doubt there'll be a massive blog post within two weeks time, with pictures and thrilling tales of adventure, but for now, you'll just have to make do with this pic from google:

Aw, what a nice picture! I'll be there soon!!!

So while I'm away, write your hearts out and think of poor little me, stuck in boring old New York City with no laptop to write on.

OK, so now you hate me, thought I'd let you know that the weekly interview is already scheduled for Friday, so pay a visit to this here blog then, to hear a screenwriting duo talk about their collaborative process, 'being' a character and imagining actors in roles when writing - it's a great video.

Farewell brave scribes and blogger, I shall see thee in a week........unless, of course I catch Swine Flu (note the capital letters to add a certain degree menace) and consequently die a horrible, slow - and completely unrelated - death in the Land of Opportunity.

Happy writing :)

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katiemccullough said...

Have an ace time Neil and enjoy the cinematic surroundings :)