Friday, 3 July 2009

More migraines?

I developed a migraine on Wednesday night - don't get them too often but when I do, they put me out of action for a while. Anyway, when I have a migraine, I generally drift in and out of sleep a lot. There's that moment just before sleep when you don't really know what's going on - you tend to think about completely random things that make no sense whatsoever; just jumbled thoughts.

I had a lot of those Wednesday night and yesterday. They included various bizarre things such as:
  • Playing in a band with Steven Spielberg fronting, singing strangely like Kirk Cobain.
  • An episode of ANGEL where I was the monster of the week and our friendly vampire wasn't too friendly. On the plus side, I held my own against him for a good few minutes (longer than most villains last). But it was all over when Angel vamped out and snapped my neck like kindling.
  • Driving along the road listening to the Spice Girls (scary as hell!)
  • Being at work and getting shouted at by a customer. For some reason, I didn't shout back. Very annoyed about that one.
  • Being told I'd made it into the final 20 for the CBBC competition but also finding out that I'd failed year 2 at uni. As a result, CBBC said I couldn't work for them - everyone needs to pass at least two years of an English degree to write for kids apparently.
Yes, so it was all very strange. There was one other dream/thought/freaky joyride that I had yesterday:

Me in a bar, sitting next to an assortment of fellows - metalheads, punks, moshers, goths - a good place. Also a few demons. Yep, full on 'good makeup' demons right out of BUFFY. Spike was also there, just to add to the cool factor of the bar - didn't say anything, just downed a pint.

Anyway, I left the bar and started to walk home. Then I got that 'someone's watching me' feeling. OK, I didn't, but I knew something was up when I heard a low growling. I was grabbed from behind and hurled through the air. I crashed into a wall and fell to the ground. Ouch. Heading towards me was a Groxlar Beast - about 6'7", 300lbs - they eat babies you know! If you didn't, watch ANGEL.

Anyway, said Groxlar continued to beat the living shit out of me for the next couple of minutes until we came face to face. Strangely, all I said was:

"You can't kill me. He won't allow it!"

Don't ask me what that was all about - not a clue. Anyway, brain-dead Groxlar then said in a Jimmy Carr/Hugo Weaving voice (which was very odd, since I don't think they speak):

"You're right. But let's see how we get on with beating you to a bloody pulp!"

WHAM! Groxlar fist + my face = pain.

Personally, I'm very intrigued as to who "He" is and just why He won't let me die. And why people want to kill me in the first place!

Anyway, by this time was fully awake and thinking of what could happen next. After about half an hour, I'd come up with a few variations and removed any trace of ripping off Joss Whedon.

I'm really into webshows lately (see the earlier post below), and I think this particular action/thriller idea could work quite well in 5-10 minute installments. Anyway, that's another thing added to my writing list.

So I'm recovering from the migraine now - still feeling shitty, but surviving. Today's jobs include a bit of script reading and scene writing for someone. Happy writing fellow scribes.


Splinter073 said...

Nice post! Slightly surreal! But very cool! Thanks for the comment over on my blog. Hope your migraine gets better soon (thought you were a bit quiet on twitter yesterday.)

Hope you don't need an English Degree to write for CBBC 'cos I don't have one! ;)

Splinter073 said...
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The Kid In The Front Row said...

These dreams/thoughts are not random. There's no such thing as random, in that respect. You should delve into your dreamland and work out what it means to you, it may hold the key to something really special, creativity-wise.