Thursday, 7 January 2010

It's a brand new year

So here we are - Christmas is over and a new year has begun. It's time to carry on with life. So here's the part where we all decide where we'll be in 12 months' time.

I will have finished uni and hopefully have a job a) in the media giving me enough money to survive or b) not in the media giving me enough money to survive. There's a general survival theme to my job goals.

I aim to have completed more screenplays, including 'Exile' and my TV spec 'Custodians'. I'll also be well on the way to planning at least four other projects, hopefully having reached the final draft of two of them, 2nd/3rd draft of another and 1st draft with the last.

I also plan to see 'Three' made by Darren S Cook and entered into numerous festivals and link at least two other shorts to directors.

There we are - conviction. If I haven't done those things by 1st January 2011, consider me a failure.

So what are your goals for the coming year? Did you achieve what you set out to in 2009? Are there any goals being carried over into 2010? Where the hell will you be come 1st January 2011?

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