Monday, 11 January 2010

Most exciting projects

Howdy readers! As you know, I'm currently working on 'Exile' (my feature script). The plan is to have the final draft of that done by August. But in the meantime, I'm itching to get moving on my other features. So I wonder if I might ask a favour.:

Of the three features I'm planning at the moment, I'm unsure which ones are the most exciting to an outsider. So I've set up a poll to the right-hand side listing; which film would you most like to see?

Gods of Asgard is a two-part film series, retelling stories of the famous Asgardians (gods of the Vikings). Part I deals with a prophesy that foretells the death of the beloved god Balder, that will trigger the end of the world. Part II explores the consequences of the previous film and shows the gods as they prepare for the battle to end all battles - Ragnarok.

The premise for Fallen is simple - what if the Archangel Gabriel fell from Grace? How would this happen and why? The epic explores an alternative view of Christianity, which focuses on desperation and forgiveness.

Dead Alliance is an action/horror about a vampire hunter and his ongoing battle with the vampire lord. When a band of young vampires take over, an alliance is forged between the two. Is the enemy of my enemy my friend...or my enemy?

Please only vote once - the highest scoring idea will probably be the project I devote the next few months to. Thanks for the help!


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