Saturday, 2 January 2010

WMD - feature film screening

Someone recently got in touch with me about WMD - a feature film about the Iraq Inquiry. I was really interested with the idea and I love films that serve another purpose other than to just entertain. So when I was asked to help spread the word about a screening, I was all for it!
2002. A low grade MI6 desk officer inadvertently discovers deliberate flaws in the evidence being compiled to invade Iraq, and tries to expose the truth.
Here's some information about the film's 2009 highlights:
- WMD simultaneous UK theatrical release and iTunes launch in October
- 3 star reviews from the Guardian and Channel 4
- Best Debut UK Feature Film Nomination at the East End Film Festival back in April
- Evening Standard article about why David Holroyd was interrogated and the crew got their passport confiscated at Rome airport!
- And all the support we got from everyone especially from John Pilger, Clare Short MP & Graydon Carter
And what's coming up in 2010:
2010 will start with a WMD screening followed by Q&A hosted by former BBC journalist Sumit Bose with Clare Short MP and myself
on Tuesday 5th January
at 20h30
at the Clapham PictureHouse
So if this is the sort of film you're interested in, go visit the website and run on down on Tuesday.

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