Monday, 28 June 2010

Random musings

This is one of those random catch-up session thingies. I get my uni results next Monday, where I'll find out whether the last three years of my life have been a waste of time or not. At least the sleepless nights will be done.

I'm hoping to get a couple more short films into pre-production in the next few months, hopefully shooting over the summer. Fingers crossed.

I'm making good progress on my Red Planet Prize entry, rewriting the pilot script this week after some good critiques from fellow writers.

I also started watching K-Ville on channel 5 which was certainly one of the finest pilot TV episodes I've ever seen. Compelling stuff with strong characters. Episode 2 is on Wednesday.

My sister did the Race for Life at the weekend and did the 5k in 38 minutes, which ain't half bad for someone with a dodgy knee and sprained ankle. So kudos to her! In the process, though, I got sunburn - yay!!!

I've also been watching more and more game cinematics recently, merely because I love the CGI and you occasionally get some really good ideas from them. Like this little gem - more tension in these few minutes than in all the new Star Wars films put together:

Yeah, so that about sums things up at the moment. Hope everyone is having lots and lots of fun writing!

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