Saturday, 5 June 2010


Via iFeatures:

Useful Sites


BBC Film Network BBC showcase of British filmmaking talent

BBC Talent – BBC’s website for new talent in film

BBC Writers Room - BBC site for new writing talent

BFI - British Film Institute

Brit Movie Website dedicated to British Cinema

British Board of Film Classification

British Council – British Film Catalogue, Directory of International Film festivals

Encounters Short Film Festival Focus for rising film talent


Films and Festivals Online and print magazine

Microwave – London’s microbudget film scheme

Microwave & Kate Leys - contains a very useful podcast on screenwriting for microbudget features, chaired by Kate Leys.

Screen International – International movie industry magazine

Shooting People The UK's largest independent film community

Sight and Sound – The BFI’s international film magazine

Skillset The Sector Skills Council for the audiovisual industries.

Take 12 Digital innovation in film

The Knowledge Industry listings online

The Production Guide Online production industry tool

Twelve Point – Evolved from Scriptwriter magazine and has built up a fantastic following worldwide. Julian Friedmann's blog is particularly good value

UK Film Council The lead organisation for film in the UK.

Wordplayer A Phenomenal resource. Set up by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio who wrote Shrek and Pirates of the Caribbean and includes great essays on art and business of screenwriting.

Screen Agencies

South West Screen is one of nine regional screen agencies. Details of the agencies covering other English regions can be found below:

National Screen Agencies

Guilds and Associations


Manda said...

Every time I try to access wordplayer- and I've tried sporadically only for, oh, the last five years- it never loads for me. Do Ted and Terry hate Aussies or something? Angst.

Neil said...

@Manda - strange. It loads perfectly for me. Maybe it's your browser? Or, as you say, it could just be they hate Aussies.....

Manda said...

Yeah I suspect it's a passive aggressive form of racism. I've tried on different browsers and computers. So much wangst. Also, I liked your last entry- what an insane month! But you must be secretly rather proud of yourself.

Neil said...

Yeah, it was a crazy month. More relieved I got through it than anything, but suppose I am pretty proud of what I managed to get done!

How's the writing going your end?

Manda said...

Ah writing. Sorry it took me so long to reply to this! I'm working on a story at the moment in my free time, which is actually a lot of fun. Apocalypse in the Suburbs type stuff. I still don't know whether angels and demons are involved yet. I love the idea but am kind of put off by the fact that it's the Genre Du Jour at the moment. It seems like we're both interested in the same kind of fiction, judging by the stuff you've mentioned on Facebook.

Neil said...

Know the feeling. Currently working on something with angels and demons in it (a TV show). Doing everything I can to keep it from being a British Supernatural (which I can't deny is a huge influence). Just hinting at angels at the moment.

But if there's a way of creating some beings that are essentially angels but with different names/mythologies, I'd give it a shot. Any other religious mythology you could give a whirl? Cos almost every religion has angels in it in one way or another. Demi-gods? Governing entities?

Yeah, same sort of fiction. I love anything that pushes a few boundries and Supernatural does that so well! Season 5 (just finished watching it) really took a lot of risks!