Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Stormy May

The month just gone - May - was probably one of the most stressful, crazy and rewarding months of my life! It's the month I pissed off thousands of people (apparently), got my first short filmed and finished my English degree:

Saturday 1st
  • My parents' 25th Wedding Anniversary celebrations with the family. Lots of alcohol and the odd political debate.
Thursday 6th
  • I resisted the urge to vote for the Zombie party in the General Election. Although, had it only been a choice between them and David Cameron, they'd have got my vote!
  • I apparently pissed off north of 8000 people on Whedonesque by tastelessly describing the Columbine Massacre as "some kid went all Rambo and killed a bunch of his mates." For this, I am very sorry!
Friday 7th
  • I handed in the last 3 essays of my English degree; one on WWI and Manning's novel The Middle Parts of Fortune, one on Renaissance tragedy, and one on the issue of Naturalism in American fiction (1880 - 1910). I believe one is good, one is average and the other will hopefully get me a 3rd!
  • I got my acoustic guitar back from the shop, with the annoying buzzing on the 6th fret fixed. I then proceeded to play it non-stop for the rest of the day and most of Saturday in a desperate attempt to perfect the Stones' 'Sympathy for the Devil.' Fingertips on the left hand hurt for a week afterwards.
  • I stumbled across my old Ancient History/Classics teacher in town and had a good chat. He joked about getting my autograph now, before I become famous, and I considered giving it to him. I thanked him for all he taught me about the Ancient Greeks and the Romans, with which I was able to piss a few people off at university by knowing everything there is to know about the Emperor Augustus.*
  • My first ever short film Three was shot by Darren S Cook. As I lay in bed on Friday night (not being able to take time away to be there) I couldn't stop thinking about possible Oscar acception speeches I could give. What?! Arrogance is just heightened self-confidence. Everyone's done it!!!
Sunday 9th
  • I ventured out on a proper shopping trip for the first time in months at the terrifying Meadowhell Meadowhall. Spent a lot of money I shouldn't have!
Monday 10th
  • Went for a end-of-uni pissup at a friend's house. Watched American Psycho and worked out exactly what was going on from the first scene. Yes, I'm very proud! Being the only male humanoid there, I was forced to watch an episode of Glee. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but not an experience I would like to repeat. A bottle of Scotch helped me through the pain, but I paid the price for it in the morning!
Tuesday 11th
  • Tony Blair David Cameron became PM and I lay in bed listening to The Who's 'Won't Get Fooled Again', paying particular attention to the line: "Meet the new boss, just the same as the old boss."
  • The teaser trailer for Three went online and general reception was excitement.
Wednesday 12th
  • Got to work revising for my Shakespeare exam, while polishing 2 short film scripts to send to the BSSC. Also learnt Nick Cave's 'Hold on to Yourself' on guitar.
Monday 17th
  • Saw the final edit of Three and was very proud - brilliant direction and solid acting work - turned out better than I could have hoped for.
Tuesday 18th
Wednesday 19th
  • Went into uni to talk to someone about the Writing MA. Realised I couldn't start when I wanted so frantically rushed around trying to get in a late application to start in September (gone is the chance of a break between work!) in the hope that someone drops out....
Tuesday 25th
  • I had my last ever English exam, on Shakespeare, where I wrote about Henry V, Coriolanus, Othello and The Merchant of Venice. I think I did ok....
  • Had a rather interesting drink over a pint with a tutor where I came to realise the level of hypocrisy and corruption that goes on in universities. Seems they like to cut off their nose to spite their face as well. [insert very angry rant here]
Wednesday 26th
  • Spent a very long day polishing and submitting my entry for the BSSC and sorting out writing samples for my Masters application.
  • Shook my head because of how the education system will be in the next few years. University funding cut and insane private academies promoted, increasing chance of bomb-makers running schools. Good times!
Monday 31st
  • Almost finished my Masters application to take in later on in the week.
  • Actually finished reading a book I wanted to read, having been forced to read stuff for uni for the last 3 years. Twas a nice read.
Yeah, so that was my crazy month. Probably no-one actually got to the end of this - I get that it's gotta be interesting to me alone. But hope you all had a shiny May! And now, to play us out, the awesomeness that is AC/DC ............

*Note: I don't know everything there is to
know about the Emperor Augustus.
For example, I have no idea what his
favourite play was! Though, at a guess,
I'd say it wasn't Anthony & Cleopatra!!!
See what I did there?! Wrong crowd? Ok....

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