Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Poll results - Oscar winners

A while ago I asked people to vote on a few polls, saying what their shiniest Oscar-winning films were. I also asked what people's favourite comic book movie was (pre-WATCHMEN). So here are the results...

Favourite Oscar winning film of the 1990s:
The winner was FORREST GUMP with 37% of the votes, followed by SCHINDLER'S LIST and TITANIC, both with 25%. Next was AMERICAN BEAUTY with 12%. No other film received any votes.

Favourite Oscar winning film of the 2000s (so far):
Joint winners were LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING and A BEAUTIFUL MIND with 33% each, then CRASH and NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN each with 11%. Nothing else got a vote, not even GLADIATOR!

Favourite comic book movie / saga:
Top of the list was the X-MEN saga with a massive 60%, followed by BATMAN/THE DARK KNIGHT and THE PUNISHER with 20% each. I was shocked that SPIDER-MAN received no votes, but the way comic book movies are mutating, it seems no-one wants that sort of geek fest anymore. I've no doubt that if WATCHMEN had been on the poll, it would have grabbed most of the votes.

Thanks to all those who voted but there is now another poll up for grabs. It's a simple question: will you go and see a TERMINATOR SALVATION, even though there's no Arnie?

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