Thursday, 8 January 2009

Expensive Tastes

I've noticed a problem with my writing - I like to write expensive things. My characters are not normal. My settings are not normal. The events are not normal.

My love of shiny sci-fi has led me to conjure up quite a few futuristic worlds. I always thought my strange tastes to be a good thing, but is it?

One screenplay on the go is called Fallen - about the angel Gabriel. Hmm we're going to have Gabriel fighting Lucifer. Won't be cheap. And I'll be showing Heaven. As well as God - but it's my little secret as to what God looks like.

Valentine - a screenplay set in the 1200s I think, about a vampire slayer. There's blood, gore and lots of action - again; not that cheap.

Then there's Dead Alliance set in modern times (yay!) about vampires, with lots of action - oh, expensive?

Verona - A film set in a futuristic world.....with spaceships and insane space zombies. Crap!

Ok, so all this stuff would be no problem for Hollywood, but if a script clearly has a high budget, people will be put off from making it. So this is a pretty negative thing for me. However, I'm not going to stop writing things I love just to accommodate the economy. I just have to write some cheaper stuff first.

And then we have Chaos Lost with probably a cast of about 10 with 90% of the film set in one place with only a few guns and minimal action. Much better.

And Exile that I wrote a while ago - set in a futuristic London, with vampires, but pretty down-to-earth, with running as opposed to fighting.

They're the two to keep at methinks.

Anyway, thanks for listening to this pointless rant, but does anyone have an opinion on budget-friendly writing?


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