Friday, 16 January 2009

Michael's Resignation (2)

If you don't know what Michael's Resignation, you can catch up here. And for those who need a little reminder, the premise is:

A traumatised ex-soldier who has begun a new life in the city as an office clerk breaks down after being made redundant as a victim of the “credit crunch” and finding his fiancĂ© having an affair with his boss. Determined to exact revenge, he suffers a nervous breakdown and films himself ruthlessly slaughtering all his co- workers before being shot down by armed police officers in a final blaze of glory.

So I thought I'd blog about the latest updates for Michael's Resignation.

The official website should be fully up and running in the next few weeks, so people will be able to invest in the movie as soon as the accounts are all set up.

We also have a fan page on facebook, as well as a fan group - managed by me - where you can receive regular news updates and also talk about possibly funding or other ways you can contribute to the making of the movie.

We have a director, the script is written and we're about to enter the funding stage. But there is one thing we need before filming can start - a cast. This (as you can imagine) is pretty important. The first role we need to cast is our Michael. He's in his 30s or 40s, dark featured to give him that moody, brooding 'world on his shoulders' look.

There are also several other roles to fill, including Michael's bitch of a wife, his betraying, stuck-up boss and Michael's co-worker who rejects his advances. As well as the leading cast, we'll be needing a lot of people for our final massacre scene. Unsuspecting office workers who are busy with their jobs when Michael goes completely cuckoo's nest and guns everyone down. We've already had some interest in casting on the fan group - that's where it's at.

So that's the latest news regarding Michael's Resignation. If there's any way you can help or want to contribute your shiny skills (acting, crew, publicity etc), see the fan groups mentioned above. Alternatively, you can contact me directly through facebook or my e-mail -

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