Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Dollhouse poster

'Dollhouse' season 2 airs at the end of this month. I wasn't the biggest fan at the start - I expected much much more from the writing legend that is Joss Whedon. The episodes were.....average. For any other TV show, I'd have been happy, but this is from the team that gave us the best television in history (in my opinion, of course) - 'Buffy,' 'Angel' and 'Firefly'. But then episode 6 came along and Whedon went wild, throwing everything you thought you knew about the Dollhouse out the gorram window!

So I'm very excited about season 2, especially after seeing this poster. It combines two of my favourite things - martial arts & Eliza Dushku.

And who doesn't love a woman with a weapon?

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