Saturday, 5 September 2009

'EXILE' - part 3

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Today, I finished off the 1st draft for 'EXILE'. It comes to 116 pages - 22,930 words.* I'll need to cut it down a fair bit to make it no longer than 100 pages. I have a few scenes in mind, so the next stage is to go through, edit like mad (to get rid of those action lines that have one word on them) and think about what to cut. I'll really tighten the writing - nothing in there that doesn't develop the story or characters.

In total, to write the first draft, it took me just under 21 hours, not including planning etc.

But for now, I'm going to back everything up and e-mail it to myself - don't want to risk losing it after all that hard work!

*Note: the dissertation most people will be writing will have to be 10,000 words. My script will be at least twice that. Not that I mind, but does that seem right to you?

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Sofluid said...

As long as they don't mind... I know that I was allowed to go over the standard limit, but they weren't keen on us going too far over.

Hopefully yours will be an exception, given that it is a feature script...