Sunday, 27 September 2009

21 today

Yes, today I hit my 21st year. I thought that when this day came, I'd be insanely giddy and hyper. Turns out I'm not! Well, I actually wrote this post yesterday, so I'm unsure how I feel today...or tomorrow(?)......anyway, I'm fairly certain there's little giddiness. There'll be the usual happiness that comes from getting presents and going out with the family for a meal (going to see 'District 9' as well). But no more hyperness than a usual birthday.

Since I can't be bothered to do a long post about birth, life and - ultimately - death, instead I'll just direct you to another post.

You'll have noticed that I've been posting screenwriting interviews for the last 14 weeks. If you haven't, you clearly don't read my blog, so I now summon the force of Odin to smite thee! To avoid certain destruction at the hands of the Allfather, I strongly suggest you buy me a present - see bottom.

So, here's a catalogue of the interviews so far, featuring the likes of David Goyer, John August, Paul Haggis, Robert McKee, Sheldon Turner and Jim Uhls. Joss Whedon is also top of the list, this being my blog an' all.

So off you go - watch a few lovely interviews with the pros that detail how good they are and how much you suck! Hope you find something useful in there....

PS: If you're feeling ever so guilty about not knowing it was my birthday and consequently wish to buy me an outlandish gift in an attempt to earn a place in my metaphorical good book (or just to avoid death-by-Odin), here are a few suggestions:

- James Hetfield's Gibson Explorer
- Joss Whedon's brain
- A real working lightsaber (preferably in purple)
- Capt. Malcolm Reynolds' sidearm
- A spaceship named Serenity so I can travel the 'verse - like this

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