Sunday, 6 September 2009

New Projects

On my website, I've updated the 'Projects' section so anyone can see what I'm working on.

You all know about 'Exile' (my uni script), but here are a few you might not know about:

The premise for Fallen is simple - what if the Archangel Gabriel fell from Grace? How would this happen and why? The epic explores an alternative view of Christianity, which focuses on desperation and forgiveness.

Dead Alliance is an action/horror about a vampire hunter and his ongoing battle with the vampire lord. When a band of young vampires take over, an alliance is forged between the two. Is the enemy of my enemy is my friend...or my enemy?

This short tells the story of a police detective as he hunts down a brutal child killer. In a tense, action-packed finale, Detective Malcolm does battle with the murderer, but as the clash draws to a close, things take a very supernatural turn.

Read about more of my projects here.

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