Sunday, 14 June 2009

Buffy vs Buffy


This is a great article about TV BUFFY vs movie BUFFY. With news that they might reboot the franchise with none of the original cast and no Whedon, we're all furious! Cassandra Evanas explains all here.
Five out of five times, the Buffy TV series annihilates the movie in terms of characters, fight sequences, and overall quality. Clearly, a Buffy without Whedon is no Buffy at all, and who wants to fork over ten dollars to see the poor man’s version? Given the choice, I think most fans would rather see their beloved vampire slayer rest in peace.
Amen to that!!!


Chris David Richards said...

It'll definitely seem empty without Joss, but how could he start again after seven (or technically eight) seasons? It would be like throwing everything away. The best option is no Buffy movie at all.

Neil said...

I agree completely. What I think they might do is use the world and the premise but have completely different characters. A diff vampire slayer completely. Nevertheless, I'll be protesting against it all the way!