Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Wolverine Violence

When I heard they were making a Wolverine movie, I was as excited as every other geek. They released posters and trailers - my excitement grew. Then they released the movie. A jumbled plot, ridiculous, unrealistic action, horrible unnecessary CGI and a general massacre of the Wolverine legend. Oh and criminal overlooking of Deadpool (not unlike the way they overlooked Colossus in X3)

One thing that really annoyed me was the degree of violence. Wolverine is a brutal killer in the comics and they had the chance to show the true Weapon X here. They did ok in the X-MEN films, but didn't go far.

They made WOLVERINE a 12A and as a result, people get shot and don't bleed, metal claws appear from blood. The list goes on.

What they should have done is made the WOLVERINE movie an 18 and made it how it should have been. Of course if they had done that, fewer people could have seen it and it would have made less money for Mr Jackman. Coincidence?

Had they done the movie how so many fans suggest, they would probably have produced something like this - X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Official game:

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Splinter073 said...

Totally agree. I've played the game and it's extremely gory and violent! I couldn't believe the difference! Great game, especially if you like fast paced action - it plays similar to God of War... oops... my geeky side coming out! I'll shut up now...