Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Mass clearout for writing

I've spent the last 2 days clearing out my room, doing the usual spring cleaning thing. I'm notoriously untidy and this proves it - I found papers lying on my floor from year 1, semester 1 of uni; I start year 3 in September! I wish I'd taken before and after shots because now my room is all tidy-like. However...

...it won't stay that way.

I'm just not a tidy person. People don't usually understand it, but I know where things are. I'll dump things in a pile and when I need it, I know exactly where it is. Granted, it might take me a while to sort through the pile, but I'll find it.

My room usually lasts a couple of weeks before becoming a tip again. We'll see how long it takes this time.....

In the clearout, I had to reorganise my bookcases. What with being an English student and all, I've got to buy a fair few books. At the moment, both bookcases are full and there are two boxes next to them with some more boring books I've had to read for uni.

It all looks very neat but as soon as I buy more books in a few weeks, it'll all need redoing.

One shelf is dedicated writing books. And they are protected by Wesley: Guardian of the Books. If anyone tries to steal one of my writing books, they are well and truly buggered! He may be a small fella but he packs a punch! You've been warned!

Anyway, now the clearout's done, I can slowly recover and get back to some writing. I've just about worked out how to use twitter so there's not too much distracting me.

And because it's such a warm, sunny day, smile as you listen to Satriani's Summer Song:

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