Monday, 15 June 2009


As this post goes out, I'm in London (it's a scheduled post). I'm sure I'm having lots of fun with Michelle, taking pics of random buildings, visiting museums, book stores and - most importantly - talking about writing. Chances are we'll throw around tonnes of ideas for our projects while drinking one cup of coffee as the person behind the till glares at us for not ordering anything else even though we've been there for more than an hour!

At 5pm, we'll be heading to the CBBC Q&A which looks to be pretty awesome. Talking to Michelle yesterday, she encouraged me to think about submitting something for their half-hour drama thingy. I didn't think any of my ideas were anywhere near ready but I think I might try and speed out a script before the closing date.

Anyway, the purpose fo this post is to let everyone know that I'll be posting something tomorrow (or Wednesday) about the Q&A. For all you poor souls who couldn't make it to the session but wanted to, fear not - I'll be making frantic notes. I can make them insanely fast but only I can read them (it's a wonder to me why MI5 haven't offered me a job yet). So every single thing of use I get from the Q&A, I'll repost here. I'm sure the BBC will love that so to cover myself, there'll be no direct quotes - take that possible complainers!

If you live in London, you can probably get to events for 5pm (if you take some time off work) but how is everyone else supposed to get there on a Monday? I'm very surprised it isn't on a weekend to be honest. I'm only able to go because I've finshed uni until September and have next to nothing to do.

So because not everyone can make it and because some people are frantically working every hour the gods send so that later in life they can not work so they can write....I'll post all the useful information in my next blog post.

Happy writing people,


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