Friday, 26 June 2009

Characters in Exile

I thought I'd go through all the characters in my story for Exile. If not just for my own benefit but for the weirdos out there who care too.

Roman's a depressed vampire living all alone in a dodgy London flat. Running from his dark past, he has a strong friendship with the local Butcher (who he gets blood from). He also has a possible love interest in Chloe, a woman across the street.

As his name would suggest, King thinks he is one! He'll do anything to annoy the vampire-hating society, including dressing like a 70s punk. He's a good friend of Roman and is the only one who knows about his past.

Roman's love interest, another vampire who saves his life in the heat of battle. A member of Logan's gang, she spends most of the movie uncovering Roman's past, healing his present and setting up his future.

Logan is a tough, take-no-shit guy who heads a gang of resistance vampires. When Roman comes in and puts the entire group in danger, things inevitably kick off.

Another member of the vampire gang; a young man who wants everything too fast. As the rest of the group give him less important jobs, he begins to feel insignificant which brings out his Judas side...

A military General hunting Roman across London with a band of mercenaries. For what reason? That's a secret...

The vampire-hating, human-loving priest who attaches himself to Curtis' band of mercs, desperately trying to ensure that no innocents are hurt.

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