Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Exile Fortnight - day 2

For those of you who don't know what EXILE FORTNIGHT is, you can read up here. Basically, it's my battle plan for writing EXILE - the script I'll be submitting for uni next year. By Saturday 13th, I plan to have the treatment written (working from my crappy first draft script), then by the following Saturday, I hope to have the second draft of the script.

As things stand, I've written 3 pages of the treatment and am about to start Act II. I'm on target and thinking the final treatment will probably level out at about 15-20 pages.

This is the opening to the treatment:
'Exile' is a feature film set in a futuristic London, revolving around a vampire named Roman and his desperate fight for survival. In a world where his kind are hunted down and slaughtered, Roman is pursued by a military general hell-bent on revenge for an unknown crime. Roman runs for his life, but deep down, he knows he must face his past if he is to ever find any peace in his life.
More updates coming later in the week.

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